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Customer Service

Service Concept:Sincerity、Shortcut、Promote、Win-win

Sincerity —— Refers to provide service for the customer, in the whole process of service personnel treat customers embodies a kind of attitude.Including: attitude, behaviour, technical level and service quality.

Shortcut —— In the whole process of service for the customer, customer, service personnel, manufacturers of information communication between more quickly, in a timely manner.Including: the quality of information transmission, user pays a return visit, technical training, market dynamics, etc.

Promote —— Refers to the user's demand as the standard continuously strengthen the quality of the century training, to provide satisfactory service to customers to lay a good foundation.

Win-win —— Refers to the established through perfect service system, make the customers, manufacturers to achieve the purpose of common progress and common development.


Service commitment and technical support

1、Service engineer to come to understand the needs of customers, help customers to design or improve the reasonable fluid pipeline scheme.

2、In accordance with customer demand to provide the best oil processing solutions, for customized design and customized production.

3、The company products and services more than "3 packets" standards of the state.

4、Follow the service tenet of requirement, responded to the requirements of the customer service to 8 hours, 36 hours arrived at the scene.

5、To provide comprehensive technical support, including system upgrade, equipment improvement, maintenance, technical consulting, etc.

6、Company engineers, operators and maintenance personnel for the user to provide different training courses, to ensure equipment use and maintenance of zero barriers at customer side.