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  • Name: Waste oil regeneration system
  • ID: DZL series
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
  • Operating Principle: Filtration, purification, regeneration
  • Apply to Oil: Industrial waste oil
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This system is used to recycle all kinds of waste lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil to do the regeneration decoloration restore treatment; may also deal with other categories of mineral waste oil regeneration decoloration restore treatment.


1. Waste oil regeneration using the latest techniques and technologies to change the traditional slowly regeneration process and low efficiency problem.Improved the renewable waste oil recovery and processing efficiency.

2. Efficient restore and recover oil’s colors and a variety of physical and chemical indicators.

3. Practical widely , handling a variety of waste oil.

4. Adopting physical chemical reactions to eliminate the charge between the polar molecule in the waste oil. Making it together into larger particles impurities by separated out. And eliminate the colloid, asphaltene, carbon black, coal oil and various compounds from oil. At the same time through the exhaust gas filter filtration and vacuum degassing dehydration effect remove the harmful gas and water. Both achieve net oil and keep the effective components in the oil.   

5. Novel structure, reasonable layout and is deemed as a Mini Refinery.

6. It also can satisfied with various kinds of individuation customer requirements.

Optional structure shapes:

Understructure:  1. mobile wheel type;  2. fixed installation type;  3. mobile trailer type

Machine frame structure: A, open; B, ceiling found type; C, fully enclosed rain house; D, canvas tent covering type

Material choice: 1, high carbon steel; 2, stainless steel inner; 3, all stainless steel

Color choice: Milk white; sky blue. grass green; industrial grey; warning yellow

Item Name of index Type/unit DZL-I DZL-II DZL-III DZL-IV
Technology index Nominal flow capacity Kg/d 3000 5000 8000 12000
Recovery % -0.07 — -0.101
Working pressure MPa ≤0.4-0.6
Working temperature of Oi 120
Working Vacuity MPa -0.06 — -0.095
HTF temperatur 200
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