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  • Name: Transformer oil processing system
  • ID: Automatic transformer oil treatm
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
  • Operating Principle: Filtration, purification, regeneration
  • Apply to Oil: Transformer oil, insulating oil etc.
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This system is mainly used for power transformers, locomotive transformers, mutual inductor, oil switches and other electrical equipments’ manufacturers, maintain enterprise. Used for insulating oil production field scene filtration and purification process to achieve the oil filtration, purification, regeneration, degassing, destaining and oil filling function.

After processing by this system, allows the insulating oil dielectric strength, moisture, mechanical particles, acid value, gas content, dielectric loss, color, oxidation resistance and other indicators reached the oil standard.

This equipment is customizable oil system engineering. According to the customer site environment, functional requirements for the customer personalized custom. Realizing full automatic operation function.

1, oil purification processing functions

It can realize the automatic monitoring , measuring, , display, control for the vacuum filter oil processing speed , the degree of vacuum , the oil temperature , oil cleanliness , moisture.The main monitoring data output record

2, vacuum oiling function

Control to achieve vacuum oiling, vacuum, oil temperature control automatic monitoring, measuring, display, control, main monitoring data output and print records. We adopt the quick release joint connection to couple injection systems and products.

3, oil regeneration function

   To achieve regeneration destaining, deacidification, oil temperature control automatic monitoring, measuring, display, control, mainly monitoring data output.

4, Compatible with processing a variety of oil (0 #, 25 #, 45 #).

   The system can simultaneously compatible with a variety of categories of oilinto one oil system for processing, the system automatically switchover, and it has anti- malfunction protection, does not produce mutual cross-contamination.

 Other Features

1. The whole system no leakage, low noise, no pollution

2. Electrical safety chain control device, safe and reliable operation

3. Connecting the metal hose to fulfill the requirements of vacuum pressure

4. System components surface cleaning rust, rust protection, paints handling.

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