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  • Name: Hydraulic oil regeneration type oil filter
  • ID: ZJC series
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
  • Operating Principle: Vacuum separation dewater degasification
  • Apply to Oil: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil
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The machine is a high vacuum machine with dehydration plant and three high-precision filters, which can remove water, impurities, gas thoroughly and quickly from all kinds of waste Lubrication oil and high viscosity oil, including mineral oil and lubrication oil and hydraulic oil and bunker oil. We can paint the machine according to your requirement.
1. This machine can remove the water and gas from the oil quickly.
This machine adopts three high precision filters and water separate filters, which can remove impurities and water quickly under high vacuum condition.
2. Strong demulsifying and dehydration capability
It adopts world's leading "cavitations'" principle and the technology of coalescence &separation. It work with special designed polymer demulsification device, which could easy to separate the
Water/free water and the miring water from the emulsionized lubricating oil.
3. Automatically, safely and reliably
This machine is safe& reliable. All electric components adopt Schneider standard; The advanced infrared liquid indicator will control the oil inlet and outlet automatically; Also the overpressure protector will protect the machine automatically(when the filter is blocked, it will alarm in time); Condensed water automatic separation system\constant temperature automatic control system and electric automatic protect system will make the operation safely and reliably.
4. The equipment has compact structure and human oriented design for Environment. 


1. Humanized design, low noise, easy operation, and long maintenance interval, low energy consume to save running costs.

2.  Online oil filter, running with nobody, running state by the indicator light display.

3.  Equipped with filter replacement indicators and Filter saturation stop device.

4. There is leakage, overload stop device to protect the electrical machine.

5. Equipped with phase sequence, phase failure protection function and suddenly stop safety control.

Optional structure shapes:

Understructure:  1. mobile wheel type;  2. fixed installation type;  3. mobile trailer type

Machine frame structure: A, open; B, ceiling found type; C, fully enclosed rain house; D, canvas tent covering type

Material choice: 1, high carbon steel; 2, stainless steel inner; 3, all stainless steel

Color choice: Milk white; sky blue. grass green; industrial grey; warning yellow

Item Name of index Unit ZJC-20 ZJC-30 ZJC-50 ZJC-100 ZJC-150 ZJC-200 ZJC-300

Technology index

Flow L/H 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Working vacuity MPa -0.08 — -0.098
Working pressure MPa ≤0.5
Constant temperature control range 20 — 80
Power V 380V/50Hz(or according to customer needs)
Noise dB(A) ≤78
Total power kW 24+3 24+3 30+5 40+5 3*30+5 3*40+6 3*60+10
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 25 25 32 40 50 50 65
Weight Kg 400 450 550 700 800 900 1200
Size length mm 1070 1070 1200 1520 1750 1750 1800
width 1000 1000 1150 1400 1550 1550 1700
height 1600 1600 1750 2000 2200 2200 2250
Treatment index Water content % without(GB/T260)
Air content % ≤0.1(GB/T423)
Mechnical impurities % without(GB/T511)

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