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  • Name: Gas vacuum device
  • ID: ZJ-B series
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Operating Principle: Rotary vane vacuum air exhaust
  • Apply to Oil: Suitable for electric power equipment vacuumizing or SF6 gas vacuumizing
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Product name: ZJ-B series of SF6 evacuating device.



1. Mainly used for pumping gas of container to make the container can meet the requirements of high vacuum degree, and can be used in vacuum drying.

2. Used for vacuum pumping funcation of substation industrial, power supply bureau, power plants, substation transformer manufacturer.


1. Use of German origin vacuum pump, it has fast pumping speed, small volume, light weight, no soot, no drops of oil spill, stable performance, easy operation and other advantages.

2. Humanized design, light and small, easy to transport, can be anywhere for vacuum operation, convenient and quick.

3. Manual or automatic operation, it can operate with nobody, running state by the indicator light display.

4. Equipped with pipeline filter can effectively prevent the larger particles of impurities into the system, damage the vacuum pump

5. Equipped with pneumatic non-return device, can prevent abnormal gas circumfluence, vacuum leak , run oil  phenomenon,etc.

Optional Configuration

1. Optional leather pull vacuum gauge display, in order to accurately observe and control vacuum degree.

2. Vacuum pump can be chosen German origin imported pumps, domestic joint venture vacuum pump, domestic double rotary vane vacuum pump.

3. Control element can be used domestically produced high-quality brand-name appliances or imported electrical.

Optional shape structure:

1. Whole structure can be made into portable, stationary type.

2. According to user requirements can be equipped with PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation, and dynamic display.

3. Equipment colors can be chosen according to need.

Name of index  Type/unit ZJ-B40 ZJ-B90 ZJ-B300 
Working power 50Hz380V (3-phase,4-wire) 
Power  KW  0.7 3.7 5.5
Limited vacuum degree  Pa  ≤10(German origin of vacuum pump)     the limited pressure of domestic vacuum pump: 0.1-0.5mbar
Pumping rate  M3/H 40 90 300 
Shape    Air-cooled push movable type
Connection diameter mm 50  
Size  cm 73x38x72 78x64x102 123x73x117
Weight  Kg  120 180 240
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