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  • Name: Vacuum pumping unit
  • ID: ZJ series
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, cast steel
  • Operating Principle: Primary rotary vane vacuum, secondary roots vacuum, two-stage extraction
  • Apply to Oil: vacuumized for electrical equipments
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Vacuum pumping unit is mainly used for pumping the gas from container to ensure the container could meet with high vacuum requirements. At the same time, it is also useful for vacuum drying. This unit is particularly suited to the power industry transformer vacuum operation. It can be used for vacuum metallurgy, welding, chemical and pharmaceutical, vacuum coating, electronic components and other industries. The host can adopt original German Leybold Air-cooled Style Vane Rotary vacuum pump and roots booster, it can be designed according to customer request, too. It has fast startup, quick pumping, stable performance, and simple operation features and so on.


1. With quick start, high pumping speed, stable performance, easy operation, etc.

2. The roots pump as the main pump, rotary vane vacuum pumps as backing pump.

3. Fully automatic operation, but no one to operate, running state by the indicator light display.

4. Humanized design, low noise, low energy consumption to save running costs.

5. Equipped with pipeline filter can effectively prevent the larger particles of impurities into the system, damage the vacuum pump

6. Equipped with pneumatic non-return device, can prevent abnormal gas circumfluence, vacuum leak , run oil  phenomenon,etc.

7. Use imported pumps, and can obtain higher work vacuum degree quickly.

Optional configuration mode

1. You can ptional PLC ( Intelligent programmable logic control system), touch-sensitive screen man-machine dialogue interface, and dynamic display. (optional)

2. Imported components. (optional import brand vacuum pump, electric parts, instrument).

3. Imported vacuum meter (optional).

Optional structure shapes:

Understructure:  1. mobile wheel type;  2. fixed installation type;  3. mobile trailer type

Machine frame structure: A, open; B, ceiling found type; C, fully enclosed rain house; D, canvas tent covering type

Material choice: 1, high carbon steel; 2, stainless steel inner.

Color choice: Milk white; sky blue. grass green; industrial grey; warning yellow

Name of index Type/unit ZJ-70  ZJ-150  ZJ-300  ZJ-600  ZJ-1200 
Working power 50Hz380V (3-phase,4-wire) 
Power  KW  6.5  11  18.5 
Limited vacuity  Pa  ≤3 (German origin of vacuum pump)
Pumping speed  L/S  70  150  300  600  1200 
Pumping level   2 Level
connection diameter mm 50 80
Size cm  120×95×150  130×100×160  140×110×170  160×120×190  175×130×210 
Weight  Kg  300  400  500  1250  1560 

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