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  • Name: McLeod vacuum meter
  • ID: IIJ series
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Principle and purpose

1. McLeod vacuum meter name McLeod vacuum gauge (also called rotary-type compression vacuum gauge), is designed base on ideal isothermal compression Boyle-Mariotte's low. Directly by the parameters of itself to calculate the pressure value. So it is in addition to the pressure measurement, also can be used as an absolute vacuum gauge used to check some relative vacuum gauge (such as: seater type compression vacuum gauge is one of them). So it is widely used in industry, national defense, scientific research, medical medicine, refrigeration and others vacuum measurement.

2. Our company produces the PM - 2 type combined McLeod meter contains the measuring range of PM-3 and PM-4. It has 200pa-1000pa and 0.1pa-350pa two stages, over the original product PM-3 and PM- 4. At present,our company mainly to produce PM-3 type, its precision is higher than the traditional PM - 4, small volume.

Technology index:

Type: PM-2

10kPa-0.2kPa 350Pa-0.1Pa
U type meter is 2.5 stage, Mcleod meter is ±40% JJG540-88
PM-3 650Pa-0.1Pa
±40% Q/SSUPC01-2001
PM-4 650Pa-0.1Pa -50%-80% Q/SSUPC01-2001

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