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  • Name: Breakdown voltage tester
  • ID: IIJ-1 series
  • Main Material:
  • Operating Principle:
  • Apply to Oil:
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It is the new product that developed in accordance with the international electrotechnical commission standard IEC156 and gb GB507-86 the insulating oil dielectric strength test requirements.

Used in transformer, circuit breaker and other insulating oil dielectric strength of the automatic test equipment.

The instrument realize the full automatic determination of insulating oil dielectric strength test,it safe and easy to work. The instrument adopts the special software and hardware anti-interference measures, eliminating the crashes of the competing products. The new design, will be reduced to half of the original volume, convenient to use at the site.

1. Automatic measurement set, simply press the test key can be done all the work (to be automatic mixing, automatic standing, automatic booster, automatic step-down, breakdown voltage automatic recording, automatic calculation of all the average breakdown voltage value measurement results, automatic printing). After test, voice prompt.

2. The instrument is equipped with automatic detection function, boot automatically perform voltage regulator back to zero, to enter standby state.

3. According to user needs may change the test times, stirring time, standing time.

4. This instrument adopts fully automatic magnon stirring, eliminate uneven , air bubbles of oil sample.

5. Adopted micro TPU - A plate-type printer, automatic printout.

Technology index:

1. Input voltage: AC 220V ±10%、50HZ ±1%
2. Output voltage: AC 0-80kV/0.4kVA
3. Accuracy of measurement: Level 1 parameter preset

4. Regulating speed: 2.5KV/S±10%
5. Book set: times 1-9

   Churning time: 1min29seconds

   Standing time: 10min39seconds

6. Service condition: environment temperature 5℃—35℃
    relative temperature ≤75%

7. Oil up space: 2.5mm

8. Volume: 415×315×315mm3
9. Weight: 28KGS


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