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  • Name: Refrigerant Oil Purifier
  • ID: a series of ZJC-R
  • Main Material: High carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
  • Operating Principle: Coalescence demulsification, vacuum dewater
  • Apply to Oil: Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, mineral oil etc
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ZJC-R type refrigeration oil purifier is particularly suitable for water removal is needed and to realize precision filter impurities of refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, auto air conditioning compressor and all kinds of refrigeration oil, compressor oil.


Product features:

1. High precision handling the impurity, gas,moisture and others in the oil to improve the performance of oil.

2. Strong dewater ability, it is convenient to remove trace moisture in the oil, removing peculiar smell.

3. Not only can deal with mineral refrigeration oil, but also can handle the PAG poly alkylene glycol, POE polyol ester, PVE polyethylene and various of synthetic refrigeration oil.

4. After processing index: Ester, moisture value below10ppm. Ethernet, moisture value below 20ppm . Glycol system, moisture value below 70ppm.

5. A high degree of automation, small and light, safe and reliable. The machine adopts infrared liquid level automatic control device,  make the operation more simple and reliable.

6. Adopting unique closed cycle vacuum analytic process remove micro water  from oil. Solving the problem of secondary pollution.

Optional devices:

A. Optional PLC , touch-sensitive screen man-machine dialogue interface, and dynamic display (Optional)

B. Imported components. (optional import brand vacuum pump, oil pump motor group, the filter element, electrical components, instruments)

C. Flowmeter(optional)

D. According to the working environment, choose appropriate explosive-proof grade(Ex d II、 Ex d I 、BT4、 CT4 )

E. Online micro water meter(optional)

F. Plateand frame filter(optional)

Optional structure shapes:

Understructure:  1. mobile wheel type;  2. fixed installation type;  3. mobile trailer type

Machine frame structure: A, open; B, ceiling found type; C, fully enclosed rain house; D, canvas tent covering type

Material choice: 1, high carbon steel; 2, stainless steel inner; 3, all stainless steel

Color choice: Milk white; sky blue. grass green; industrial grey; warning yellow

Item Name of index Type/unit ZJC-R-10 ZJC-R-20 ZJC-R-30 ZJC-R-50 ZJC-R-100 ZJC-R-150 ZJC-R-200 ZJC-R-300
Technical index Flow L/Min 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Working vacuum degree MPa -0.08 — -0.099
Working pressure MPa ≤0.35
Working temperature of Oil ℃  45-65
Power V 50Hz380V (3-Phase 4-Wire)
Noise dB(A) ≤65~85(according to the configuration)
Total power KW 6+1.5 9+1.5 12+1.5 30+3 60+4.4 90+6 90+7 120+11
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 20/20 20/20 25/20 32/25 38/32 64/48 76/64 89/76
Weight Kg 350 420 510 950 1200 1600 2200 3500
Size Length mm 1100 1200 1300 1900 1900 2100 2200 2300
Width 1000 1050 1050 1450 1400 1500 1600 1700
Height 1250 1450 1450 1950 2100 2150 2250 2300
After processing index Water content PPm ≤100
Cleanness NAS stage NAS1638  5-7stage
Filtering accuracy μm ≤5

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