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  • Name: Double-stage vacuum oil purifier
  • ID: QJA series
  • Main Material: high-carbon steel, stainless steel(according to requirement)
  • Operating Principle: Two-stage high vacuum dehydration degassing, both pumping air into vacuum state,lubricating function
  • Apply to Oil: Transformer oil, capacitor oil, reactor oil, switch oil, compressor refrigeration oil
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Product Introduction

QJA is widely used for the power plant, power station, power company, metalury, petrifaction, mechanism, transportation, railway and other industry. It is very suitable for the large electric & insulation equipments and the country main transformers over 110KV, especially in high-lititude areas which more than 500 meters over the sea level.


1. Higher than the national standard, it can increase oil puncture voltage by at least 35KV at a time, greatly reduce the oil processing period, due to reduced general oil repeatedly heating oil quality aging filtration lead hazards.

2. High vacuum pressure and high flow rate: Absorption speed power=333L/s to meet with the requirements in the installation and maintenance of transformers vacuumize. It is suitable for degas, dewater of transformer oil.

3. Adopting the nano-molecular material filtration and three-dimensional flash distillation technology to remove water, gas and impurities of the transformer oil effectively, to improve the voltage-withstand value and the quality of oil.

4 .Carbon fiber infrared heating system, it can remove all the ethyne from the oil.

5. Adopt VK technology, it can remove the water effectively, such as the dissolve water.

6. Especially applied to vacuum filling oil and drying for power transmission equipments which power is over 110KV.


Good vacuum pressure and high flow rate. This product makes bridge with the electric equipments. Vacuum, filtration and oil injection can work independently and also they can work together. As the oil purifying nanotechnology, this machine can treat oil more quickly and more completely, and makes the oil limiting voltage-withstand value much higher than the ordinary vacuum oil purifier.

Item Name of parameter Type/Unit ZJA-10KY ZJA-20KY ZJA-30KY ZJA-50KY ZJA-80KY ZJA-100KY ZJA-150KY ZJA-200KY ZJA-300KY
Technical parameter of the equipment Nominal flow capacity L/Min 10 20 30 50 80 100 150 200 300
Limit vacuity Pa ≤20
Working Vacuity Pa ≤400
Working temperature of Oi ℃  50-65
Power V 50Hz380V(3-Phase 4-Wire)
Working pressure MPa ≤0.35
Total power KW 3.6+0.75 9+1.5 12+1.5 30+3 2.*24+3.3 2*30+4 3*30+6 4*30+7 5*30+9
inlet-outlet overall mm 25/16 32/25 32/25 38/32 38/32 44/38 48/44 64/48 76/64
Weight Kg 300 350 420 500 600 800 1000 1500 2500
Size Length mm 1200 1250 1300 1400 1600 1650 1850 2100 2200
Wideth 1000 1050 1100 1100 1200 1150 1250 1350 1400
Height 1250 1450 1500 1700 2100 2050 2150 2200 2300
Oil treatmentindex Oil Puncture Voltage Kv 60-65
Moisture content PPm 5-10
Air content % ≤0.25
Filtering accuracy μm 3
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