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3、Turbine power generation applications


Dingneng (CNDN) application in turbine technology

Turbine oil filtering equipment - the safe operation of the generator set

Turbine technology is the machine to change the energy of liquid working medium into mechanical function. Also known as turbine, turbine motor. According to different fluid working medium used, turbine can be divided to water turbine (used as the power source of the hydropower station), steam turbine (used in thermal power plants, ship propulsion, etc.), gas turbine (used as jet propulsion, ships power, and power plants, a small power station , etc.) and air turbine (only can be used for small power), etc.


The oil used by energy conversion mechanism in turbine technology to play lubricating and cooling effect. In the working condition of the production environment, often due to the unit aging or untight seal producec wate leakage,air leakage,visceral herriation caused oil emulsification, acid rise, etc. The degradation of turbine oil may cause cylinder deformation, the unit part of dynamic and static friction, vibration has increased dramatically, the serious will happen big shaft bending, moving blade fracture malignant accidents, etc


Dingneng(CNDN) turbine oil filtering equipment and system adopts the international leading coalescence demulsification dehydration degassing, vacuum separation technology, multistage precision filtration to remove out the impurity and acid. Using optimizated pipeline system design which can realize 24-hour guard online loop filter oil. Ensure the normal qualtity of the oil, maintaining the security unit.


Online safety guarantee

Dingneng(CNDN) turbine oil filter oil machine has reliable dehydration degassing, removing impurity and acid. The whole machine is equipped with infrared liquid level control, temperature control, filtering pressure protection, interlock protection, equipment accident alarm and a number of patented technological safety control function. Realized the unattended operation on-line. Truly at ease, safe.


Typical application products

TY series turbine oil purifier, TYZ series steam turbine oil machine, TYC series online (EH oil) fire-resistant oil filter