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4、Light fuel oil field application



Dingneng (CNDN) in the application of the fuel

Light fuel filter equipment and systems - dewatering, removing impurity and high quality fuel oil purification

Mainly used in industrial production of light fuel oil divide into diesel, kerosene and gasoline. Because of its product has the characteristics of light weight, easy to burn and metal penetration etc. So in industrial production, it mainly used for mechanical parts cleaning, boiler fuel, oil drilling engineering guide oil, locomotive running, aerospace engines burning oil, etc


The main components are mechanical impurities and moisture after the oil been polluted,of course, the fuel pollution will bring the huge influence on the working production.

The impurity in the oil can lead to costly flame nozzle clogging, power engine block, and poor parts cleaning, etc. Moisture in the oil can cause burning, engine power is insufficient, boot failure caused by too much water drilling, etc.


(CNDN)light oil special filtering equipment and system using big flux high precision filtration,filter out the impurity in the oil.coalescence filter is made from hydrophilic materials and dehydration filter is made from hydrophobic material.Using the different physical effects of moisture, free water and emulsification water in oil by coalescing filter after being together into larger diameter droplets.And then by the dehydration filter separate a large number of water droplets,at the same time, under the effect of gravity settlement in the water storage tank to be automatic vent out. To achieve the purposes of filter water and filter impurity to make the standards of purified oil higher than the new oil standards.


Excellent performance

The light oil special filtering equipment of Dingneng(CNDN). its edulcoration and dehydration filtering system is bringing in USA EPE filtration technology.Its high quality filtering elements determines the filtering performance of the equipment.On the operation function, the system introduced automatic backwash, PLC programming touch control technology.It can realize the functions, like automatic backwash, automatic drainage, fault alarm, etc.


Typical application products
TYB light oil speical oil purifier, TYB - A automatic light oil purifier.