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1、Power transmission and transformation engineering application




Dingneng (CNDN) application in electric power industry

Insulating oil filtering equipment and systems - electrical installation, maintenance and safe operation of the guarantee

The national 12th Five-Year development plan, to meet the growing power consumption demand, the domestic power generation companies, the state grid corporation is the same with enterprise power units to constantly upgrade the efficiency, to ensure the safe operation of the power system.The insulating oil filtering equipment and system of Dingneng (CNDN) can ensure the continuity of power supply and safety, also maximize meet the demand of the function of the system maintenance. 


Power installation necessary:

Dingneng(CNDN) insulating oil filter products have reliable roots vacuum system, constant temperature far infrared heating system, continuous drip tight oil system. In electric power engineering project construction and annual maintenance also can be simultaneously vacuum filtering, transformer evacuating, hot oil circulation filtering, filling and refueling work to improve work efficiency, build perfect grid world, bring direct economic benefits for the enterprise


Typical application products:

ZYD Double-stage vacuum oil purifier, ZY Efficient vacuum oil purifier,DZX on-load tap-changer online oil purifier,Insulating oil filtration purification system(custom made)