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2、Lubrication and hydraulic applications


Dingneng (CNDN) applications in the field of lubrication and hydraulic

Lubricating oil filtering equipment and systems - oil pollution control,high efficiency industrial production

With the speeding up of China's modern industrial process,the degree of automation of manufacturing production is higher and higher, hydraulic lubrication system play an extremely important role, whether can Keep the equipment works well in the hydraulic and lubrication system directly affects the production efficiency. Dingneng (CNDN) lubricating oil filtering equipment and system can realize the filtration purification, control the oil contamination, to ensure the continuous safe operation of hydraulic and lubrication, prevent accidents and reduce parts wear, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the kinetic energy consumption, improve equipment production efficiency.


Oil pollution control

Dingneng(CNDN) lubricating oil, hydraulic oil filter oil machine adopts advanced large flow step by step precision filtration technology, filtration precision can reach NAS5 level. Using coalescence demulsification separation, three-dimensional vacuum flash separation technologies to treatment the serious emulsification oil. Ensure the safety and the working stability of the hydraulic lubrication system. 


Typical application products

TYA series lubricationg vacuum oil purifier, TYD series dewater oil purifier, DNM series high precision oil purifier