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Company profile

Chongqing Dingneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd.Referred to:CNDN)As China's leading industrial oil and purification solutions provider, more than 10 years has been committed to industrial oil filtering technology promotion.



A series of oil CNDN management scheme for its global more than 60 countries more than 20000 customers to realize efficient net oil and oil saving goal, create great economic benefits.


From power, petrochemical, aviation, machinery, ship, mining, metallurgical, railway, etc, the two can CNDN) oil filter (machine company team of professionals can help customers in the safest, most scientific, the most effective way of oil, resolve customer management the urgent and trouble back at home.
CNDN are diversified and professional development road is robust. Its insulation oil filter oil machine, oil filter oil machine, turbine oil filter oil machine, resistance to fuel filter oil machine, double level Posting machine, explosion-proof type filter oil machine, on-load tap-changer in-line filter oil machine, vacuum pumps, centrifugal filter oil machine nine series of hundreds of specifications with independent intellectual property rights of the high-tech products, get in the industry highly.

CNDN flexible use of his original technology, and how to make our customers more rest assured easily filter oil as the management strategy, and constantly improve the technical innovation, to a wide range of industry development to make more contribution.